Monday, March 11, 2013


I was born on a warm, sunny day in November 21,1993 in Ivisan,Capiz,Philippines.I still live in Brgy.Ivisan,Capiz,Philippines, and I go to school at Colegio De La Purisima Concepcion.I live with my mother, Lolita; my sister, Ma.fe; and my father, Danilo.I have one brother,named,Eugene and I have Five sisters namely Ma.Theresa,Maricel,Ma.Mia and Ma.Fe.My Three sisters have own family now and my one other sister is working in other places to help my financial in college right now,that's why Me and my youngest sister which currently studying 4rth year High School at Ivisan National High School only left to live with my parents.

Who i am in life
My name is Marjie Casabon. I started school when I was six-years-old. I went to Grade 1 through sixth grade at Don Catalino Memorial School,after i graduated in elementary. I continued studying my High School at Ivisan National High School. I worked after my High School because my parents can't help me to send to College because of financial crisis. I go to Manila to my sister currently working at Blessed Trinity Hospital. I worked there for more than a years as a Food server,then I realized how hard to work and gain money. After a year I decided and asking help to my sister that i i want to go to College, I'm Thankful. I am now a 1st year college student atColegio De La Purisima Concepcion(CPC)&currently aiming to graduate my bachelor's degree in CS in the near future . When I don't have anything to do, I love to suft the net, open my mail, twitter, facebook then watch tv. I play a lot of computer games. When it comes One direction, I'm into it. I love watching tv series like Pinoy Big Brothers, One Direction, etc. My favorite colors are red, blue and black. My friends sees me as a kind childish friendly person.

What life means to me.
Life to me means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. I am pretty much on the happy side of life, but like all teens I do I have my "days of." That means I do have some sad days or depressed days. I have a few frinds here that sort of look out for me and when I am having a bad day, I have someone here at school to talk to. I make my school days go by thinking of either the next hour or what I will do when I get home or on the weekend. I'm not seeing anyone now but when I did have a boyfriend, our favorite places to go were the movies and out to dinner. Sometimes we went to the beach. Only once we went to an amusement park: Universal Studios. We were together for twenty-nine days and then we broke-up; so no, I don't think it was forever.


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